During the initial few weeks meant for following the signing of a franchise deal, CBD Movers offers two sets of training classes. The first is called a course that links potential franchisees with specialists in several fields of study. New franchisees learn about important topics related to launching their business in a one-on-one situation.

New franchisees will attend the training session in a few weeks later. It's "a much more in-depth look at how they manage the day-to-day operations of their business. "It is recommended that a franchisee train with their management if they wish to have a manager operate their firm. A team of three employees essentially holds the hands of a new franchisee throughout the entire process, from the signing of a franchise deal through the opening of the franchise.

Every week, a new franchisee may expect to participate in a conference call with a different subject matter expert to discuss subjects such as marketing, training tools, and other critical aspects of the business to ensure that their operations operate smoothly.

The moment a franchise's doors open to the public, the training does not end. CBD Movers dispatches a field trainer to the franchisee's site to assist them throughout their first week of operation, which includes personnel training.

Opportunities for Continuing Education Create a Path to Success

The company's intranet provides a wealth of instructional resources, including a new mover driver training program that franchisees can tailor to their specific policies and state legislation. More than 150 programs covering marketing, sales, relocation implementation, and other topics are available through a robust online learning management system.

We have a curriculum for each role inside the franchise that we encourage people to use in conjunction with the in-person, hands-on training because we recognize that you can't learn to move a piece of furniture by watching an online lecture. They continue to add new courses to their learning management system to give their franchisees a comprehensive online training program.

While there are no monetary or bonus incentives for certification, CBD Movers affirms that franchises with certifications have better referral rates than those without, providing evidence that serves as plenty of motivation for a franchisee looking to grow their business.

"We do have several training events throughout the year that are focused on our franchisees," they noted, citing an annual gathering that includes many educational sessions to continue franchisee training. CBD Movers also hosts a multi-unit conference for franchisees who operate many locations. Franchisees can learn how to use the vehicles' onboard technology for training during a fall expo that focuses on trucks and technology.

The CBD Movers franchisee training program provides far more than just a brand; it combines a comprehensive business strategy with steadfast assistance, paving the way for franchisee success.


Franchise Business Advisors

Franchise business consultants are your primary point of contact at the Office, and they try to keep you informed about all elements of the brand while also assisting with the smooth operation of your franchise.

Accountants who work for franchises

Franchise accounts keep your franchise informed about payroll and other financial solutions.

Franchise Recruitment Experts

Franchise recruiting experts collaborate with you to develop the most effective hiring strategy for expanding your moving teams. Hiring and retaining employees is critical to the success of a CBD Movers franchise, and franchise recruiting specialists work with you to implement the best hiring strategies to grow your moving teams.

Specialists in Franchise Marketing

A franchise marketing professional will collaborate with you to create fresh and inventive marketing strategies that will help you expand your business and marketing reach in your community.

CBD Movers' sales specialists will collaborate with your teams to ensure that you have the most effective sales strategy in place to secure jobs and keep customers moving ahead.

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CBD Movers has been a great support and guide through the world of franchising. The company was very diligent to understand our skills and desires to own something and be called an entrepreneur.



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